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Video: State Treasurer John Kennedy delivers the LAGOP response to Governor Edwards' Address


State Treasurer John Kennedy delivers the LAGOP response to Go...

Tonight, Governor John Bel Edwards outlined his proposals to raise taxes on Louisiana families and businesses through the use of scare tactics designed to strong arm the Republican-led Legislature into voting with him. Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy delivered the LAGOP response and outlined six of four hundred proposals to fix the budget that would not require raising taxes. Treasurer Kennedy gets it. The Republican Party of Louisiana gets it. Sadly, the Governor doesn't seem to want to listen. "Like" & "Share" if you agree with Treasurer Kennedy that the Governor's tax increases will be disastrous for Louisiana. Together, let's tell Governor Edwards to #KeepYourWord to NOT raise taxes. #LAGov #LALEGE #LAGOP #LABudget #Taxes

Posted by Republican Party of Louisiana (LAGOP) on Thursday, February 11, 2016



I'm Running for U.S. Senate

Today, State Treasurer John Kennedy issued the following statement:

“I will be a candidate for the United States Senate in 2016.

The reason is pretty simple:  I want my country back.   I'm scared we are losing it.  

My Dad and Mom were conservative people.  Dad was a small businessman. He owned a little lumberyard.  Mom was a retired schoolteacher.  They taught me conservative values:  God, country, family, discipline, hard work and education.  They taught me to always do the best I can.  I worry that America is losing those values.

Here's what I see:   too many undeserving people at the top getting bailouts and too many undeserving people at the bottom getting handouts.  And we in the middle get the bill.  So will our kids.  It's not right.

The sad truth is that our children's generation is at risk of becoming the first in America to be worse off than their parents', because it's harder than ever to get ahead and easier than ever to do nothing. 

I want more for my country and my state. 

I want a country that respects taxpayer dollars.  I'm sick of the waste, and I'm sick of the debt. 

I want an America and a Louisiana where every person can get a decent job.  You can't be for jobs if you are against business.  To create jobs, our businesses need low taxes, sensible regulations, good infrastructure and a skilled workforce. 

I want an America and a Louisiana in which no parents have to send their child to a failing school.

I want an America and a Louisiana where parents can take their sick child to a family doctor instead of to an emergency room because they have decent, affordable insurance of their own choosing from the private sector. 

I want a country that is strong and therefore free, that values peace but is not afraid to fight back.  America is the most powerful country in the history of the world.  We need to start acting like it.  

I want an America and a Louisiana that understand that free market capitalism has done more to lift people out of poverty than all the government programs put together.  Welfare was meant to be a bridge, not a parking lot.

I want a country and a state that protect life – whether that life is 82 years old or 82 seconds. 

Most Louisianians know me and what I stand for.  As State Treasurer, I've balanced 16 department budgets, earned taxpayers $3.4 billion by investing their money wisely,  returned $315 million in lost money to citizens, refused to join the state retirement system, fought against corruption and cronyism,  and stood up to politicians more powerful than I am in both parties.

I try not to be rude, but I speak my mind.  Some politicians call me a troublemaker, a misfit, a rebel, a square peg in a round hole, because I'm not part of the club.  I think I make the right people mad.  My job is to protect taxpayers, not seek the approval of my political peers.

I hope voters will give me a chance to do the same thing in the United States Senate.  I believe our country and our state can be better than our present, and our past. 

May God bless us and keep us, and make his face shine upon us, Louisiana and the United States of America.”

John Kennedy says he's skeptical about BP settlement money State Treasurer John Kennedy on Wednesday (July 8) expressed concern that Louisiana may not ever see the full amount of the BP Deepwater Horizon settlement expected to reach as much as $6.8 billion.


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